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The Nitsitapii people's relationship with the environment, including land and animals, is integral to their culture and way of life. Historically, we relied on the land and animals for sustenance, shelter, and clothing, and developed a deep understanding and respect for the natural world. According to the Blackfoot  eco-traditional knowledge, "we believe that the animals are our brothers and sisters and must be treated with respect and gratitude." (Roscoe, 2013) Furthermore, the environment play a significant role in the spiritual beliefs and practices of the Nitsitapii, who view the land and animals as sacred and believe that they are interconnected with all living beings. This belief is reflected in our creation stories, which depict the relationships between the land, animals, and humans, as well as in our ceremonies, which are often performed to honor and give thanks to the natural world. (Bastien, 2022) Today, the Nitsitapii continue to advocate for the protection of the environment and our traditional lands, recognizing that our culture and way of life are deeply intertwined with the health and well-being of the natural world. (BEK, n.d.)

Our Environment

Land, animals, and eco-systems have also undergone historical trauma due to many policies that distrupted the reciprical and balance of nature. Our projects all aim to reverse those effects of environmental historical trauma.

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