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Mountain Lake


In our teachings from the Niitsitapi elders, the land, water, and relationships with the animate and inanimate

world represent collectively Creator’s love or Kittsakokomiim for the entire world.


Our ways teach us that within each molecule on our planet lives in dynamic ways the source of life and ways to renewal for all the

members of our entire Blackfoot Confederacy and the world itself. This respect and reverence is extended to

all of our relationships. Indigenous ways of knowing and living are emerging as a primary source of climate

resilience. As we live we seek to restore in equal measure the land and its inhabitants with honor, ceremony,

song, and preservation of our natural resources. BEK has served as leader to increase and promote

community access to critically needed methods of promoting language, culture, ceremony, history, and

Indigenous traditional knowledge sharing.

Mission Statement


Blackfeet ECO Knowledge's mission is to revive, preserve, and promote Indigenous traditional knowledge systems. We focus on the reciprocal relationships between bio-cultural diversity, where people and the environment work together for environmental sustainability for future generations. The goals are to ensure cultural perpetuity, pass on knowledge to future generations, and protect the environment in ways aligned with our cultural principles. We seek to share this knowledge with the world to develop a better understanding of the importance of balanced and respectful human-environment interactions.

Vision Statement


The goal of all projects undertaken by the organization is to reverse the effects of historical trauma that have impacted not just the people, but also their culture, language, and environment. The four identified pathways include reconnecting people to their way of life, revitalizing the language, promoting culture, and re-establishing bio-cultural diversity to reserve the impact on land, animals, and ecosystems. The projects aim to end generational cycles and restore the Nitsitapii people's sense of identity and pride in their language, culture, and place.

Our Team


The team at Blackfeet ECO Knowledge is comprised of elders, cultural practitioners, and local community members with diverse positions within the Blackfeet Tribe, including business owners, foresters, educators, and environmentalists. The team also includes experts in architecture, history, preservation, and justice. All projects are developed by the team, and they monitor short and long-term goals to ensure successful completion. The team is united in their commitment to reconnect Blackfeet traditional knowledge systems to the people, culture, language, and environment of the Nitsitapii people.


PO Box 377

Browning, MT 59417


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