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Tyson Running Wolf


Chief Executive Officer

Tyson Running Wolf is an avid outdoorsman and an advocate for conservation of the environment to ensure generations after him will be able to enjoy the wilds. Tyson grew up with generations of men in his family teaching him about how to respect the land so the land gives back. Because of his environmental experiences, Tyson went to college and graduated with his Bachelors of Science degree in Forestry- Forest Resource Management and is currently in his Master's of Public Administration program at the University of Montana. The love of the land doesn't stop there, he has served as a Montana State Legislator for five years (currently in his 3rd term) and in that time he has drafted and supported legislation that includes protection and or respectful use land and resource management.


Tyson is also connected deeply to his culture as Nitsitapii, and has learned from elders including his grandfather the cultural aspects of traditional hunting, land management and environmental sustainability. Tyson is formally a Tribal Councilmember of the Blackfeet Tribe in which he served as the Executive Secretary. He is a cultural leader of the Nitsitapii including a leader of a sacred society and bundle holder. He also is a practitioner of the culture and a lifelong learner of the culture from elders that teach him centuries of ancestorial knowledge that was never lost. He is a husband, father to seven adult children, and grandfather to ten grandchildren that are the loves of his life.

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