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Kipiitakii-Kohkohmikiisoom - A Woman's Journey Project

Blackfeet women share their stories of overcoming trauma by reconnecting to their culture.

This project aims to showcase the sacredness of women and their vital role in our culture. Kipiitakii Kohkohmikiisoom (Old Lady Moon) represents the wisdom and power that creates balance, a value that is important to the balance and healthiness of our culture. Due to historical and generational trauma, there are high levels of domestic violence and abuse, this is not a part of our way. Our culture teaches values that promote protecting and valuing the sacredness of women. The project aims to reconnect the community to the value of protecting women through sharing their stories. Four women will be paired with four upcoming filmmakers to create short films about their journeys, which will be showcased at a local Nitsitapii film festival. Additionally, healing circles will be conducted for women who are ready to reconnect with our culture for their own healing.

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