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Lona Running Wolf

Executive Director of Projects

Lona has served in many capacities in education including as a teacher, instructional coach, curriculum and instructional leader, and a university adjunct professor. She has also worked with districts across Montana toward school improvement in her previous role at the Montana Office of Public Instruction as the Director of American Indian Student Achievement.


She is currently a faculty member at the University of Montana Western working with the tribal grant partnerships of several tribal community colleges’ educator prep programs. She also is co-owner of 4-Poles Educational Consulting in which she provides consultation on Indigenous education and pedagogy. Lona has an Associate of Arts in Elementary Education from Blackfeet Community College, a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Salish Kootenai College, and a Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction- Triple Literacy from the University of Texas and is currently completing her doctoral program at the University of Montana. Lona and her husband Tyson Running Wolf are involved in the cultural revitalization of the Nitsitapii (Blackfoot) societies, ceremonies, and language and are cultural leaders in their community. They are blessed with seven children and ten grandchildren.

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