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Edward Kennedy

Chairman of the Board

Ed Kennedy has been a successful private business owner/operator since 1985. During that time he has successfully operated multi-million dollar projects for a variety of federal and tribal agencies. He currently own's and operates Edward Kennedy & Associates that holds current contracts with the Blackfeet Tribe and Glacier County. Ed employs over 50 employees that are Blackfeet Tribal members or descendents that hold many skill sets in constuction.


Prior to starting his own business, Mr.Kennedy was actively involved in providing grassroots organizing in Indian communities. Mr. Kennedy provided training and technical assistance to Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and assisted individual Indian people to start their own business enterprises. Mr. Kennedy has served on regional and national taskforces' in assessing the successes and failures of various American Indian laws. Most notably, Mr. Kennedy participated in providing the field work, along with others, during the write-up of the Indian Self-determination and Educational Assistance Act and also worked on the legislation that created the Indian Education Act and the Administration for Native Americans. These were done through the auspices of the Senate Select Committee of the United States Senate. Edward holds a degree in Financial Management and Accounting.

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